South African School Rugby Rankings: The Mega Update

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Coach Logic

We have heard your concerns and are delighted to announce Version 1 of our web app is done and dusted with some front end work to do be done just to clean things up a bit.

The major concern many readers had was that they wanted Junior Rankings but felt the “thumbsuck” Top 10 needed more work, so far we have managed to collect over 7000 results from across all age groups which I am sure you will all understand took a lot of time and work.

The developer with whom we are working is a school rugby lover and did the coding and development, we cannot thank him enough. Smaller schools will now be able to be ranked and in future plans are afoot to make the front end easy to navigate and for coaches, parents and athletes to enter their scores which will then be cross referenced and checked before being inputted into the system.

This is all done to ensure that schools from across the spectrum can be represented and know where they stand within the context of our national ranking system. We also plan to filter rankings by region, this will be based in the Currie Cup/Craven Week catchment area of the team, so if you are a school based in Tzaneen not only will you know your ranking on a national level but a regional level as well.

Believe me, there is little reward in rankings with a lot of hostility towards anyone that does it, but it comes with the territory and our passion for the game means we are willing to accept any negative criticism that may come our way.

Stay tuned for official release dates on the web app, in the meantime you will have noticed that we will no longer capture results on this website but rather it will be inputted into our web app. We have historical scores from the 1800s for some schools, so our great hope is we can even further develop our database and who knows, maybe we can see what a Top 20 would have looked in 1950 for example.

Interesting times ahead for sure!

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