South Africa: All Comers League Table (23 March)


The All Comers League is essentially a first for South African schools rugby and is inspired by our friends at SOCS Sports who have been doing this exercise for some time in the English schools rugby scene.

The All Comers League is very simple in that it does not consider strength of the schools but rather achievements by schools in terms of their win/loss rate. It is our attempt to give some recognition to the smaller schools who have great seasons but due to their fixture list will likely not get a chance to feature highly on our official rankings system.

4 points are awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw, there are no bonus points for tries scored and there are no bonus points given for losing margin.

YES, schools who play more fixtures are rewarded more

NO, it is not an official ranking system to determine the best of the best

We hope that readers will appreciate the spirit with which this system was created.


We attempt to collect as many scores as we possibly can, as you can imagine a lot of work goes into this so submitting score will benefit us tremendously.

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