Live Rugby: Eggchaser 7s | Saturday 6th May – Live from Old Reigatians RFC

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Television viewing figures for the coronation this Saturday may be lower than initially expected as the exciting Eggchaser 7s will also be broadcast on Saturday, live on NextGenXV throughout the day from Old Reigatians RFC.


While the tournament may not genuinely compete for viewing figures with what’s on offer on the BBC, it is expected to be a fantastic day of 7s, hosted at Old Reigatians RFC. There is both a Men’s and a Women’s competition, with twelve teams in each competition. In each competition those twelve teams are divided into four groups of three teams each, with the winners heading to the Trophy semi finals, second to the Challenge semi finals, and third to the Bowl semi finals.


Live Stream


All of the action from Pitch 1, including all of the Men’s and Women’s Cup knockout action, will be broadcast live on NextGenXV and can be viewed on the NextGenXV YouTube Channel or embedded below.





Men’s Groups


Group A: Lions, Saratoga Jockeys, Try It

Group B: Apache 7s, Nigeria Stallions, Akuma Beavers

Group C: Jamaica Rugby, OR Nature Boys, Ramblin Jesters

Group D: Wild Dogs, Ratana Toa, Samurai Barracudas


Ramblin Jesters won the recent Sunshine 7s at East Grinstead and will be excited to get underway at the Eggchaser 7s. They are drawn in Group C alongside Jamaica Rugby and Old Reigatians’ own Nature Boys 7s side.


Runners up at East Grinsted were Apache, who are in Group B alongside Nigeria Stallions and Akuma Beavers. Lions, who are so closely associated to the Eggchaser brand and reached the semis at the Sunshine 7s, are in Group A alongside Saratoga Jockeys and Try It.


Finishing things off in Group D are Ratana Toa, who have impressed so far this year, the always exciting Wild Dogs, and Samurai Barracudas, one of the key Samurai teams on the ladder to the global Samurai Warriors side.


Women’s Groups


Group A: Lionesses, Ealing Trailfinders, Wild Dogs 2

Group B: Bath Rugby, Sweden, Akuma Beavers

Group C: Wild Dogs, Jamaica Rugby, Wooden Spoon Marauders

Group D: Savvy Panthers, Akuma Beavers Ballers, Hammerhead 7s


The Women’s tournament at the Eggchaser 7s sees Wooden Spoon Marauders in Group C, the recent winners of the Sunshine 7s. They are joined by Jamaica Rugby and Wild Dogs.


Wild Dogs actually have two teams entered, and their second team is in a tough Group A alongside Ealing Trailfinders and the Lionesses, who, like the Lions, are so closely aligned to the Eggchaser brand and who finished as runners up at the Sunshine 7s.


Group B meanwhile looks seriously high level, with Bath Rugby, Sweden, and Akuma Beavers competing in one of the toughest groups. Akuma have a second side entered, Akuma Beavers Ballers, who will be joined in Group D by Savvy Panthers and Hammerhead 7s.


Many of the sides across both the Men’s and Women’s competition will be competing in the incredibly competitive WowHydrate Super 7s Series this season. Indeed last season two of those competing in the Women’s competition at the Eggchaser 7s this Saturday finished in the medal positions at the Super 7s Series, Hammerhead 7s and Savvy Panthers, so the level of competition is expected to be incredibly high indeed.


It should be a glorious day of rugby at Old Reigatians!


The Schedule


Pitch 1 Schedule (Live Streamed)


10am OR Nature Boys v Ramblin Jesters (Men’s Group C)

10.18am Bath v Sweden (Women’s Group B)

10.36am Lionesses v Ealing Trailfinders (Women’s Group A)

10.54am Lions v Saratoga Jockeys (Men’s Group A)

11.14am Ramblin Jesters v Jamaica (Men’s Group C)

11.32am Apache v Nigeria Stallions (Men’s Group B)

11.50am Savvy Panthers v Akuma Beavers Ballers (Women’s Group D)

12.26pm Lions v Try It (Men’s Group A)

12.44pm Ratana Toa v Samurai Barracudas (Men’s Group D)

1.04pm Marauders v Wild Dogs (Women’s Group C)

1.18pm Lionesses v Wild Dogs 2 (Women’s Group A)

1.45pm Samurai Barracudas v Wild Dogs (Men’s Group D)

2.20pm Women’s Bowl Semi Final 1

2.40pm Women’s Challenge Semi Final 1

3pm Men’s Challenge Semi Final 1

3.20pm Men’s Cup Semi Final 1

3.40pm Men’s Cup Semi Final 2

4pm Women’s Cup Semi Final 1

4.20pm Women’s Cup Semi Final 2

4.40pm Men’s Challenge Final

5pm Women’s Challenge Final

5.20pm Men’s Bronze Final

5.40pm Women’s Bronze Final

6pm Women’s Cup Final

6.20pm Men’s Cup Final


Pitch 2 Schedule


10am Wild Dogs v Jamaica (Women’s Group C)

10.18am Apache v Akuma Beavers (Men’s Group B)

10.36am Wild Dogs v Ratana Toa (Men’s Group D)

10.54am Savvy Panthers v Hammerheads (Women’s Group D)

11.14am Jamaica v Marauders (Women’s Group C)

11.32am Bath v Akuma Beavers (Women’s Group B)

11.50am Ealing Trailfindes v Wild Dogs 2 (Women’s Group A)

12.26pm OR Nature Boys v Jamaica (Men’s Group C)

12.44pm Akuma Beavers v Nigeria Stallions (Men’s Group B)

1.04pm Hammerheads v Akuma Beavers Ballers (Women’s Group D)

1.18pm Sweden v Akuma Beavers (Women’s Group B)

1.45pm Saratoga Jockeys v Try It (Men’s Group A)

2.20pm Women’s Bowl Semi Final 2

2.40pm Women’s Challenge Semi Final 2

3pm Men’s Challenge Semi Final 2

3.20pm Men’s Bowl Semi Final 1

3.40pm Men’s Bowl Semi Final 2

4.20pm Women’s Medal Final

4.40pm Men’s Medal Final

5pm Women’s Bowl Final

5.20pm Men’s Bowl Final

5.40pm Men’s Trophy Final

6pm Women’s Trophy Final

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