Lambs Rugby: Lambs on song again vs Boys Club of Wales | Report

In a display of rugby finesse, the Lambs triumphed over Boys Club of Wales in a thrilling game at Sherborne School on Sunday.


The match unfolded with moments of brilliance amidst the prevailing ethos of 95% pure Lambs rugby, marred by 5% of minor errors that proved costly in points.


The game commenced with a display of Lambs rugby characterized by quick taps, culminating in a yellow card against Boys Club of Wales at the 6th minute, setting the tempo for a first half dominated by swift and uninhibited play.


Despite a forward pass in the 8th minute, the Lambs demonstrated their offensive prowess with a disallowed try and nearly executed another breakthrough, only to be thwarted by a knock-on in the 10th minute. The pivotal moment arrived at the 12th minute when Josh Bywater charged through, touching down just right of the uprights, securing a 7-0 lead following a successful conversion.


Fred Riordan of King School, Macclesfield, extended the lead to 12-0 with a sublime try in the left corner, showcasing exceptional handling skills. Ashton Kasam-Sharples of Lancaster Royal Grammar School made a dramatic entrance, capitalizing on a disorganized Boys Club lineout at the 19th minute, displaying remarkable speed and agility to conclude the first half with a commanding 19-0 lead.


As the second half unfolded, Ashton continued to shine, securing a second try immediately after halftime and adding another with a deft chip over the Boys Club of Wales fullback to score beneath the uprights, consolidating a 24-0 lead. Joe Martin Dale of Monkton Combe School contributed to the Lambs’ tally with a try in the right corner, epitomizing the team’s distinctive style and extending the lead to 29-0 with a superb finish.


Despite missing several opportunities, the Lambs remained firmly in control. Monty Cooper’s of Felsted School incisive line break at the 36th minute, facilitated by a well-timed offload from Bywater, resulted in a try beneath the uprights, further solidifying the lead to 36-0 following a successful conversion. Boys Club of Wales encountered further adversity with a yellow card, and Ashton completed a hat-trick in style, engineering an offload from deep within their half to score beneath the uprights, sealing an impressive 41-0 victory.


Full Time: Lambs 41-0 Boys Club of Wales


Standing in as Head Coach, Josh Jones said: “I must express the profound honour it was to be part of coaching the national team. Having once been a Lamb myself, witnessing the boys embrace a fast and free-flowing style of play was truly gratifying. In my opinion, there’s untapped potential, a few gears left in us that will showcase the sheer brilliance of this



“With three consecutive wins under our belt, we eagerly anticipate carrying this momentum into the next week. Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, and we sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed witnessing the Lambs’ unique flair and skill on full display.”


The Lambs are back in action this Sunday at Crawshay’s Welsh XV, 1pm Kick Off.


Lambs XV

15 Alex Knight (KES Bath), 14 Tobias Ishaque (KES Birmingham), 13 Jack Hayes (Stamford), 12 Henry Trevis (KES Birmingham, captain), 11 Viwe Wood (The Perse), 10 Freddie Drake-Lee (Bedford), 9 Zac Ferguson (Caterham), 1 Peter Scofield (Felsted), 2 Will Neilson (Henley College), 3 Edward Elwell (Sherborne), 4 George Morris (Lord Wandsworth College) 5 Edward Wilkie (Trinity), 6 Benjamin Grive (Sir Thomas Rich’s), 7 Josh Bywater (Pangbourne College), 8 Gabe Whelpton (The Oratory).

Replacements: 16 Jonty Cooper (Felsted), 17 Fraser Kerry (Wellingborough), 19 Daniel Bailey (Malvern College), 19 Freddie De La Rue (Oundle), 20 Ashton Kasam-Sharples (Lancaster RGS), 21 Oakleigh Roe (King’s Gloucester), 22 Fred Rierodan (King’s Macclesfield), 23 Josh Martindale (Monkton Combe).

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