NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge: Coaching Outreach | Schools to have opportunity to leave a legacy

As momentum gathers ahead of the 2024 NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, taking place from the 14th-18th December at Grey College in Bloemfonein, South Africa, a number of announcements are due to take place over the coming weeks.


First among those is that every team competing at the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge will have the opportunity to include a coach from a disadvantaged background or region to their staff for the duration of the tournament.


Coaches given that opportunity will then be able to take what they have seen and learned back to their communities to help share ideas and give opportunities to the next generation and those that would otherwise not have such opportunity.


The coaching outreach programme is all part of the central aim of the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, which is to provide opportunities and experiences of substance and lasting effect. It is hoped that through the opportunity for coaches of disadvantaged backgrounds to link up with the teams competing that those schools can create a lasting relationship with the guest coach, providing a legacy that will go far beyond the week of the competition for each school.


It is one of a number of ways in which the tournament is seeking to provide opportunities for those that otherwise may not get the chance, another crucial one being the Player Draft. Individual players from schools and clubs from anywhere around the globe are welcomed to sign up to the draft.


In the build up to the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge those players will then be drafted into one of the teams competing in the Cup, in which all sides are made up of players that have entered the draft. For more information on the Player Draft, please follow this link: NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge Draft.


Opportunity, experience, and competition are at the heart of the NextGenXV Global Schools Challenge, and if your school or team is keen to rise to the challenge, please visit the website to register your interest: Sign Up Here.

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