ISRFC Lambs: Team news as Lambs fixtures go ahead despite the weather

This weekend see’s the next stage of selection for the Lambs National XV, as the regions come up against each other following the Christmas break.


With heavy rainfall across the country there have been a number of venue and time changes to ensure the games go ahead, by accessing various 3G pitches. The South East vs. South West will now take place at Maidenhead RFC (11am KO) while the North face the Midlands at the new Loughborough University 3G (1pm KO).


The game serves as a final trial game for selection to the Northern and Southern XVs, with the Northern side a combination of the North and Midlands sides and the Southern side a combination of the South East and South West.


The Northern and Southern XVs play warm up fixture next Sunday ahead of the Northern XV v Southern XV games on the 24th of January, after which the selection process for the Lambs National XV will take place.


Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s games, Lambs National Director Alex Layboune said:


“I am excited for the fixtures this week, there has been some great rugby on show so far in the process and the best is still to come. The regional managers have worked hard to find new venues to keep the program on track this week, and the 3G pitches will certainly allow the players to showcase their attacking rugby ability which we are looking for.”


Lambs Team News:


ISRFC Lambs North XV:


1 Nick Atkinson (Giggleswick)

2 Jack Starkey (Queen Ethelburga’s)

3 Ben Parker (RGS Newcastle)

4 Harry Johnson (Ashville College)

5 Will Burns (Pocklington)

6 Louis Fraser (Woodhouse Grove)

7 Sam Chrisp (RGS Newcastle)

8 Sam Hudson (St Peter’s, York)

9 Charles Guthrie (Yarm)

10 Matthew Wray (Yarm)

11 Harry Pearson (Durham)

12 Tom Robinson (St Peter’s, York)

13 Alfred Nordgren (Woodhouse Grove)

14 Mike Sidebottom (Stockport Grammar)

15 Mason Knowles (Woodhouse Grove)


Replacements: 16 Callum Manchester (Bradford Grammar) 17 Timmy Welsh (RGS Newcastle) 18 Dan Chivers (Giggleswick) 19 Edward Linkogel (Woodhouse Grove) 20 Ben Langthorne (Durham) 21 Thomas Gardiner (Barnard Castle) 22 Adam Penistone (Queen Ethelburga’s) 23 Jacob Weightman (Durham) 24 Harry Sagar (Bradford Grammar) 25 Louis Jones (Stockport Grammar)


ISRFC Lambs Midlands XV:


1 Zach Heppner-Logan (Shiplake College)

2 Oliver Short (Wisbech Grammar)

3 Jak Foster (Uppingham)

4 Jake Roberts (Bedford Modern)

5 Callum Heppner-Logan (Shiplake College)

6 Henry Wills (Stamford)

7 Joe Lucas (Berkhamsted)

8 George Cassell (Bloxham)

9 George Barbeary (Bloxham)

10 Daniel Glasse (Denstone College)

11 Callum Corbett (Stamford)

12 Alex Brown (Berkhamsted)

13 Scott Duguid (Berkhamsted)

14 Doxa Ikiriko (The Leys)

15 Will Hughes (Berkhamsted)


Replacements: 16 Harry Pryer (Uppingham) 17 Will Beament (Bloxham) 18 George Ding (Bloxham) 19 Nick Colbourne (Rugby) 20 Eddie Goss (Wellingborough) 21 Henry Wigzell (The Oratory) 22 Jack McLoughlin (Wellingborough) 23 Toby Buckland (Royal Hospital School) 24 Axel Kalling-Smith (Denstone College).


ISRFC Lambs South East XV:


1 Mike Galsworthy

2 George Cropper

3 Angus Clements

4 Hugo Millns

5 Ben Coker

6 James Turner

7 Oscar Waite

8 Tom Robertson

9 James Costin-Pratt

10 George Hitchcock

11 Joseph Triegaardt

12 Fergus Guiry

13 Oliver Taylor

14 Josh Coakes

15 Thomas Belin


Replacements: Will Vaughan, Hugo Squires, Giorgio Arricale, Reece McCarthy, Ed Coke, Lewis Holmes, Toby Houchin, Will Kibblewhite, Augustine Clark, Oscar Clark, Jacob Welsh, Josh Webb, James Porteous, George Beckham, Ed Scott, Fin Medd, Maxwell Rabey, Tom Agu Benson.


ISRFC Lambs South West XV:


1 Charles Lower (Clayesmore)

2 Devon Brown (Plymouth College)

3 Ben Oliphant-Thomson (Blundell’s)

4 Alec Hampden-Smith (Mount Kelly)

5 Ed Grinsted (King Edward VI School)

6 Charlie Wilder (Blundell’s)

7 Samuel Bloomer (Churcher’s College)

8 Jordan Gray (Hampshire Collegiate)

9 Ben Clarke (Wycliffe College)

10 Joe Thomas (Hartpury College)

11 Arthur Friend (Blundell’s)

12 Charles Bolton (King Edward VI School)

13 Isaac Rayworth (Plymouth College)

14 Dan Hubble (Truro)

15 Henry Giddon (Taunton)


Replacements: Nick Evans (West Buckland) Angus Wightman (Wycliffe College) Charlie Bannister (Canford) Daniel Ali (Cheltenham College) Alex Roberts (West Buckland) Will Goodwin (Wycliffe College) Euan Friend (Blundell’s).

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