Top 50 All Time School Rugby Programs: 30-21

With the 2022 season officially over and the final mens rankings done and dusted we are now able to release our annual All Time Top 50 rugby Programs rankings.

Our rankings are based on specific measurements and are a living document, there will be changes as we get more information.

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30. Affies (South Africa)

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Ranking Change: 1

Points: 394.17

With schools pouring significant resources into their programs Affies certainly looked like they would face uncertain times unless major changes were made, and judging by 2022 those changes were certainly made with the Pretoria based outfit taking their place amongst the premier rugby schools in the nation.

They finally move into our Top 30 displacing MAGS with Stehan Heymans and Reinhard Ludwig with their U18 and U20 colours helping the school edge the Auckland based outfit. It is certain major steps will be made on this list by the school in the near future.

29. Brisbane Grammar (Australia)

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Ranking Change: 0

Points: 399.65

No points this year for the Queensland based outfit but due to significant amount of international players produced they remain in the Top 30. Fraser McReight is the last prospect to come out of the program and with the strength of the GPS competition at the time of writing Grammar will have their work cut out for them should they wish to remain in the Top 30.


28. Kelston Boys (New Zealand)

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Ranking Change: -1

Points: 413.84

Our number 1 ranked school in the world for 2021, Kelston did not reach the same heights in 2022 but still impressed many by upsetting St Peters in the final of the Auckland 1A Competition and earning their place in the Blues final. A place in the top 4 seemed inevitable but Westlake took home the honours with an incredible win for the North Harbour school.

Points however will still earned by 2 New Zealand Under 18 reps and 1 Under 20 reps bringing their total reps to 7 and 38 respectively.

27. Otago Boys (New Zealand)

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Ranking Change: 1

Points: 416.03

One of the premier South Island schools and multiple national winners Otago Boys are one of New Zealand’s most legendary programs and have produced some incredible players over the years with Richie McCaw being the most memorable.

This year saw a significant rise in their points tally with no less than 4 old boys being named to the New Zealand Under 20 national team.

26. Wesley College (New Zealand)

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Ranking Change: 0

Points: 417.84

Wesley College have produced some of the best first teams not only in New Zealand history but many could argue, on the world stage. Numerous unbeaten teams as well as a 4 year win streak (we have yet to confirm this) showcase the pedigree that exists within this school.

Although no points were earned this year judging by their performances in the CNI and some recent graduates who have gained national colours we can surely expect Wesley to rise from the ashes and take their place among the giants of school rugby once again.

25. Millfield School (England)

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Ranking Change: 0

Points: 441.14

Our number 1 ranked school in the world for 2022 based on an exceptional and unbeaten 2021/22 season, Millfield still have many points outstanding as we do not yet have their full list of senior internationals who we believe number over 40.

Points were earned for their St Josephs competition win as well as performances in the Daily Mail Cup. Further points were earned by Will Joseph making his senior international debut as well as Sam Harris and Ewan Richards both earning their Under 20 colours.

Expect once we have their full list of internationals Millfield to be close to if not sneaking into the Top 10.

24. Marist College, Ashgrove

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Ranking Change: 0

Points: 449.30

Yet another program where many scratch their heads at them making such a list but spending even a few minutes of time and research will show anyone that Marist are one of the most historically significant rugby schools in Australian history.

The Herbert brothers, John Eales and Sam Scott-Young are but a few of the legendary Wallabies who have once called the school home. Their dominance in Queensland in these early days was significant but with the power and momentum switching to the GPS Marist seemed to have lost momentum.

23. Newington (Australia)

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Ranking Change: -4

Points: 467.21

The AAGPS powerhouse drop outside our Top 20 for the first time since we have developed these rankings, again it boils down to just how much competition exists within what many feel is the premier schools rugby competition in Australia.

One rep in each of the Wallaby Under 20 and Under 18 sides increased their points tally slightly but not enough to keep them in the position they have held from the start.

22. The Scots College (Australia)

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Ranking Change: -5

Points: 470.41

Exactly the same as the aforementioned AAGPS rivals Newington Scots drop out of the Top 20 with a drop of 5 places to rank number 22 on our all time rankings table.

The Scots College teams of the mid 2010’s were something special and truly a sight to behold, sweeping past their opponents to multiple AAGPS title wins. This year saw a few points added to their rally with Darby Lancaster and Joe Brial both receiving their Under 20 colours.

Yet another Australian school that is feeling the pinch of losing quality players to the League system it will be interesting to see the direction the school takes in the future.

21. Anglican Church Grammar (Australia)

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Ranking Change: -1

Points: 474.81

And yet another Aussie school on this list, the GPS outfit did not gain an outright title win as many expected but still managed to produce 4 Australian Under 18 internationals in Ben Daniels, Charlie Brosnan, Dre Pakaho and Nick Bloomfield.

Max Craig gained a few more points with his Under 20 colours but many would of expected a bit more from Churchie perhaps in 2022 and they will naturally be disappointed to have dropped out of our Top 20 for this year.

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